SuperNatural Sandwiches Opens Its First Brick and Mortar Eatery in Miramar

March 18, 2014

The "sea to sandwich" approach has taken SuperNatural Sandwiches from a hot commodity at local farmer's markets to a 900 square foot eatery on Miramar Road, which opened its doors to the public on March 17. Owner Tony Nguyen's concept of implementing fresh Catalina Offshore Products' sustainable seafood and ingredients from local market vendors into a lineup of made-to-order, gourmet concoctions has caused SuperNatural to quickly gain a reputation for offering some of the most delicious sandwiches in town. Now, access to these bad boys is easier than ever.

Started by Tony Nguyen, Christian Eggert, Chris Perczichino and Anthony Tran, SuperNatural Sandwiches gained its following from its always sold-out weekly farmer's market appearances (now mainly at Hillcrest's Sunday Market), in addition to its catering service.

The Nessie
Stop by SuperNatural and try one of their many inventive sandwiches, like favorite, the Siren (pictured above) - a mix of sautéed garlic Mexican White Shrimp, rustic Hex tomatoes, robust Elemental aioli, shredded white cheddar, fiery Necromancer sauce, fresh local greens, all piled on a buttery toasted bun. Another top seller is the Nessie - grilled local fish of the day (Yellowtail, Rock Cod, Sea Bass, Sablefish) with a silky Shinto glaze, complimented by tasty Shaman tartar sauce, savory jinx relish, and fresh greens on a buttery bun.

The menu has expanded from the original "Supernatural 7" sandwiches and will continue to do so to include more seasonal and vegetarian offerings and sides, as well as dessert options sourced from local purveyors.

SuperNatural Sandwiches intends to continue its weekly stand at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market every Sunday from 9am-2pm. The new location sits at 7094 Miramar Rd. in Suite 105 and is open weekdays from 11am-7pm. For more information, visit SuperNatural online at and follow on Facebook.