Introducing Stone Saison: A Modern Take on a Belgian Classic

April 14, 2014

Stone Brewing Co. is fond of adding its own twists to classic beer styles. So it should be no surprise the brewery took liberties to make the newest beer release 100 percent Stone, while still maintaining the integrity of a very traditional beer. Stone Saison is a farmhouse-style ale infused with lemon zest, grains of paradise and Stone Farms-grown lemon thyme and lavender. It’s the quintessential choice for warm weather imbibing, and an ideal pairing partner for dishes and ingredients available during the spring and summer months. Starting today, Stone Saison is available on draft and in 12-ounce six-packs at retailers, restaurants and bars in select markets nationwide.

Sourced from Stone’s very own 19-acre organic farm, the lemon thyme and lavender contribute earthy, citrusy aromas and flavors, while the lemon zest and grains of paradise add a slight tang along with vibrant grapefruit and white pepper notes. Each of the ingredients balance well with the subtle banana and clove qualities brought on by the Belgian yeast. The beer finishes with a crisp, dry and refreshing mix of red apple and black pepper spice.

“When brainstorming recipe ideas for Stone Saison, we wanted to incorporate herbs from Stone Farms to add a touch of Southern California to the beer,” said Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “The combination of herbs used certainly gives the beer a unique twist while still highlighting the style’s traditional spice and herbal notes.”

The unique mix of flavor enhancing ingredients makes Stone Saison an ideal beer to pair with a variety of edibles. On the beer’s dedicated webpage,, the company is sharing four recipes for culinary enthusiasts to prepare and enjoy with the beer. Fans of the brew are encouraged to try these recipes out at home, and also explore and create their own food dishes to pair with Stone Saison, then share their favorites by tweeting and posting photos using the hashtag #PairedWith on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the dedicated beer page.

“The combination of herbs and grains of paradise make the perfect complement to savory or sweet food dishes,” explains Stone Craft Beer Ambassador “Dr.” Bill Sysak. “Its versatility makes Stone Saison the perfect beer for pairing with any meal, from a simple dessert to decadent dinner. We’re excited to see what dishes our fans will pair with this beer and encourage them to share their findings with us.”

Stone Saison will only be available during the spring and summer months. Since it is a refreshing Belgian-style ale, it’s meant to be enjoyed fresh within 120 days to maximize its hoppy, herbal flavors and aromas.