A New '50s Era, 24 Hour Diner is Coming to San Diego | Buddy's Diner Opening Soon in Pacific Beach

August 4, 2014

We don't know much more than what's stated in the title of this post - '50s style diner, 24 hours, Pacific Beach, but that's enough of a story in and of itself. I come from New Jersey, where there are at least a couple all hour diners in each town, so the fact that another is coming to San Diego is big news, at least to me. We're waiting to hear back from Buddy's Diner owner Vito Tutino, and rest assured, we'll let you know when we know more. For now, Buddy's Diner is located at 1564 Garnet Ave. in a space previously occupied by a florist. For more information, visit buddysdining.com and follow on Facebook.