From the Owner of Slater's 50/50 - S&M Sausage and Meat Set to Open in University Heights on Tuesday, November 4

Photo by John Dole
October 30, 2014

Scott Slater of Slater's 50/50 is ready to launch his newest concept, S&M Sausage and Meat, set to open to the public in University Heights on Tuesday, November 4 at 2pm. Since opening day happens to coincide with election day, as a special opening "promo" on November 4 only,  guests coming in with their "I Voted" sticker can choose their "Safe Word" - either Carl (DeMaio) or Scott (Peters) and receive two free strips of bacon.

Bold, brash and unapologetic, S&M: Sausage and Meat is a "meatery" that will leave your palate fit to be tied. The dynamic menu exudes an experimental, evolving vibe where select quantities of high quality, unique ingredients will be transformed into of-the-moment specials.  Exotic sausages, a variety of house made bacon and unexpected game meats will dominate the menu, delivering a sense of adventure that will punctuate each dish, intentionally pushing guests to the brink of their comfort zones. A selection of charcuterie and cheese boards along with dishes in small, medium and large will allow guests to sample a wide variety of options without fear of commitment.

Chef Mark Younggren and Scott Slater
Photo by John Dole
"We've created the concept to be aggressive in its offerings but still approachable in its style of service," says Scott Slater.

Chef Mark Younggren has taken a fearless approach to the kitchen, creating a menu dominated by exotic game meats from around the world, house made sausages and bacon in a wide variety of flavors. S&M guests will do a double take on the interesting alter egos of some well known dishes including venison lasagna, antelope andouille, kangaroo sausage, pulled rabbit poutine, pig ears, python and beaver tacos.

For guests not ready to dabble in the unknown, S&M will offer a variety of tamer selections including the BBB Salad (blueberry, bacon and Brussel sprouts), sandwiches such as the S&MPBJ (cashew butter, jalapeno jam, plantain and brown sugar bacon), and chef inspired sausage combos in a variety of flavors ranging from classic (smoked Italian) to gourmet (Wagyu Frank) to exotic (kangaroo/pork Cajun hotlink).

Photo by John Dole
Located on Park Boulevard where Hillcrest, University Heights and North Park collide, S&M Sausage and Meat is a hybrid of fast casual and full service dining where guests order at the counter and then use a table top placard system to request service, more meat or the check.

The restaurant has interesting design elements, a modern, exhibition style kitchen and vivid pops of color. Custom tables and benches line the patio for outdoor dining while large windows open out from the bar, allowing the energy of the restaurant to draw people inside. A curved, wave-like wood lathed ceiling defines the bar space, while large communal dining tables line the main room, offset by colorful, old-school classroom chairs and tip slots a la Vegas in the center of each table.

S&M will also house Swine Bar, where guests can pull up a bar stool and enjoy the complete menu along with a full bar featuring 12 taps of unique, hard to find craft brews, and a specialty cocktail menu that will follow a "savory, salty, smoky, spicy" theme. A provisions market counter displaying fresh, uncooked exotic sausages, house made bacon, charcuterie, S&M private label sauces, and a variety of local goods will provide a quick take-home fix to satisfy impromptu cravings.

An impressive collection of 'Nic Cage Art' proudly presides over the dining room, paying homage to the actor who mimics Slater's eccentric versatility, while a provisions market counter displaying fresh, uncooked exotic sausages, house made bacon, charcuterie, S&M private label sauces and a variety of local goods completes the space and provides a quick take-home fix to satisfy impromptu cravings.

S&M will be open Sunday through Thursday from 11am-11pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am to midnight. Breakfast will debut in 2015. Another S&M Sausage and Meat location will open in the East Village as part of the Quartyard project in 2015. For more information, visit and check out the photos below taken by John Dole.