Nine Reasons All San Diegans Should Be Thankful

November 24, 2014 

Have you ever gone around the table on Thanksgiving Day, each person giving thanks for something near and dear to their heart? We thought about how lucky we are to live in America's Finest City and, in the spirit of gratitude, compiled a list of the nine top reasons that all San Diegans should show thanks for this beautiful city we call home.

9. Happy Hours - There is a stigma all over the rest of the country that Southern California is super expensive (and let's go ahead and continue to let everyone think that), but if you're in the know about the many daily happy hours and specials around town, you can dine out on the regs without breaking the bank. Check out sites like King of Happy Hour for happy hour lists and feel free to shoot us an email if you are ever looking for suggestions.

8. Farmers' Markets - There is at least one farmers' market each day of the week somewhere in San Diego. From unique, hand crafted products, to deliciously prepared food, to produce and meat, our city's farmers' markets have to be some of the best in the country. Some of our favorite farmers' markets include Hillcrest on Sundays, Little Italy Mercato on Saturdays and, of course, our neighborhood PB Tuesday Farmers' Market. The Farm Bureau of San Diego County maintains a rather comprehensive list of area markets for reference.

7. Tacos & Burritos - We knew that we were becoming true San Diegans when our constant pizza craving was overcome and replaced by a ravaging hunger for tacos and burritos. Although our dining scene is steadily evolving and expanding beyond Mexican indulgences, San Diego has always done tacos and burritos properly. Upscale taquerias are popping up all over town, but you'll usually find the best Mexican food at the diviest of all places. Some of our favorite taco shops include JV's Mexican, Don Carlos, Bahia Don Bravo (in PB), Lucha Libre, Oscar's Mexican Seafood and Nico's in OB. For the upscale Mexican experience, we recommend Don Chido in the Gaslamp.

6. Diverse Neighborhood - According to Wikipedia, San Diego recognizes 52 individual areas as Community Planning Areas and within a given planning area there may be several distinct neighborhoods, so altogether the city contains more than 100 identified neighborhoods. We're constantly finding new areas to explore. Don't get anchored to one spot. Get out there and check out new 'hoods.

5. Mexico - It's not one of our many designated neighborhoods but it sure feels like it. Not many major U.S. cities, if any, are located in such close proximity to a totally unique and beautiful country. From downtown San Diego, you can get to Tijuana in less than a half hour, Rosarito in 40 minutes and Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe in around two hours. This area of Baja California, Mexico, is currently the focus of the culinary world due to the rise of Baja Med cuisine and Mexico's wine country. The San Ysidro border also recently expanded its lines for re-entry to the U.S., so it's easier than ever to cross the border. Get down there and experience it for yourself.

4. Constant Entertainment - We're never at a loss for fun things to do in San Diego. Whether it's one of our many mainstay attractions like the San Diego Zoo, the beach boardwalk, hiking destinations, concerts, or the constant food, beer and wine festivals and events that take place on nearly a monthly basis, San Diego is one of the most fun and exciting places in the world to live. 

3. Beer - We are a craft beer mecca - quite possibly the top destination in the United States - and are quickly approaching world domination. There are nearly too many breweries to count and new ones popping up in droves. The industry is bringing TONS of money into our city and may be credited as a catalyst to our flourishing culinary scene. Embrace our craft beer industry.

2. Beach - How many other cities can boast that they have as many beautiful beaches as San Diego? Enjoy a nice run along Ocean Front Walk and a dip in the Pacific before you chow down on Thanksgiving and try not to be in complete awe of how lucky we all are. Oh, and have you seen the sunsets over the ocean lately? Appreciate!

1. Weather - It's supposed to be 80 degrees on Thanksgiving day! Really, need we say more?!?

So there is A LOT to be appreciative of if you live in San Diego. Email us and tell us what we're missing from this list and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!