A How-To Guide to Approaching the Sunday Brunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

February 1, 2015

Being that we are not football fans, we enthusiastically seized the opportunity on Super Bowl Sunday to escape the usual crowds and enjoy our favorite brunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse - a buffet feast of epic proportions that includes unlimited Champagne, an other-wordly raw bar and unrivaled views of the Big Bay...for only $42! This was probably our seventh time at Tom Ham’s Sunday Brunch (who's counting?), which means that we have a planned course of action and a good idea of how to maximize enjoyment. So here it is, our guide to approaching the Super Sunday Brunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse.

Whenever we’re asked for Sunday brunch recommendations, we, without hesitation, suggest - nay, declare - Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island the best option. Be sure to make reservations, as the bayside eatery usually fills up quickly - and rightfully so. They offer everything one would want from brunch - a custom made omelet and pasta station, a raw bar filled with fresh goodies from the sea, all the staple brunch items (with everything from breakfast to salads to lunch and dessert), bottomless Champagne with an array of fresh juices, and unparalleled views in a modern, upscale setting with amazing service.

After our first of many glasses of Champagne, we grab some fresh pineapple and orange juice to make our own mimosas which are imbibed throughout the duration of our leisurely two hour meal. Then we load up a plate of snow crab legs, scoop some drawn butter, get a pair of cracking utensils, grab a few slices of crispy bacon (such a good flavor combination with the crab) and settle into our seat to begin working. It’s no easy task getting to the salty sweet crab meat, but trust that you’ll get better with each leg, and the effort is totally worth it. You may want to ask your server for a few extra napkins when she brings you the shell bowl, because you’ll get messy during this process. If you don’t know how to crack your crabs, watch this helpful video so you can do it like a pro.

Once plate numero uno is out of the way, you may want to grab some lobster claws, peel and eat shrimp, assorted oysters and scallops from the raw bar before heading to the bathroom to clean yourself up. Then, make your way to the back buffet room and load up another plate. They have everything from antipasto to market fish filets. Some of our favorite items include the roasted breakfast potatoes, bacon, eggs Benedict, cinnamon French toast, braised short ribs and of course, the prime rib, which usually dominates plate number two.

Plate number three is either a concoction similar to plate #2, or in our recent experience, a salad plate to get some roughage into our bellies. We loaded up on local greens, quinoa and pasta salads and some roasted veggies from the antipasto platter. A plate like this will make you feel better about yourself, but we understand saving that precious belly room for all of the other delicious options.

I usually finish the buffet with an eggy creation from the build-your-own omelet station. Being especially hungry, I also revisited the prime rib station and had another slice added to my plate for a steak and egg finale. After the fourth plate, it becomes difficult to move or even speak...and with that we venture into the wonderful world of the food coma.

So that’s our guide to taking on the Sunday brunch at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. Gather your friends, make your reservations, and take it on for yourself. Be sure to let us know what you do differently! Tom Ham’s Lighthouse is located at 2150 Harbor Island Drive on Harbor Island. For more information and to view the brunch menu, visit tomhamslighthouse.com.