Take It Slow and Lunch the Mexican Way at Cueva Bar's New 'Saturday Lunching'

January 31, 2015

San Diegans know a thing or two about eating Mexican food, but many of us aren’t as accustomed to the act of truly enjoying a meal like our Mexican counterparts. A mad rush through lunch eliminates the pleasure of sharing food, savoring flavors, and enjoying company - all necessary ingredients to create a fantastic dining experience in Mexico. To teach us how it's done the Mexican way, Chef Oz at Cueva Bar in University Heights has launched Saturday Lunching to encourage his diners to slow down, share food, hang out, and enjoy the day.

Born and raised in Monclova, Mexico, Chef Oz was taught that a meal is a bonding experience, an important way to create community and kinship. The value of relationships is ingrained in everything Chef Oz does and to this end, he focuses his attention not only on creating dishes meant to encourage experimentation and conversation by his diners, but designing a comfy dining space ideal for unhurried meals and lingering lunches - known so well in Mexican culture.

Popular Saturday Lunching items include the the Torta Azteca - a dish comprised of corn tortillas layered with house made mole and chicken and garnished with Cotija cheese, shaved onions, and Chile oil, as well as the Oz's Machacado with beef brisket sauteed until crispy, served with salsa, two eggs over medium and house made flour tortillas.

Cueva Bar is located at 2123 Adams Avenue. For more information, visit cuevabar.com.