Three Fun Facts About Nomad Donuts

March 18, 2015

Donuts seem to be all the rage in San Diego at the moment and Nomad Donuts is eager to satisfy cravings. Located on North Park’s commercial corridor, 30th Street, this globally inspired donut and coffee shop sits square in the middle of North Park, Normal Heights and University Heights and combines a fascination with our diverse planet and a love for all things delicious. We have 3 fun facts that set Nomad Donuts apart and reflect its commitment to being a crafty, community-centric donut shop. Read on!

1. Located on North Park’s 30th Street, Nomad Donut’s Executive Pastry Chef Kristianna Zabala previously served as the Executive Pastry Chef at Mister A’s, Petco Park and the Michelin starred The Village Pub in Woodside, California (noteworthy: she came to Nomad Donuts because she was seeking creative freedom).

2. Nomad Donuts offers locally and globally-inspired flavors that change every day and often use ingredients from local farmers’ markets, including Ube Taro Coconut, Charred Blueberry Cream Cheese, Chocolate Salted Caramel with Toasted Almonds, White Chocolate Mint with Passion Fruit Jalapeno Drizzle and many more.

3. Nomad Donuts is also keen on collaborating with local craft breweries, thus far creating exclusive donut flavors and donut flights (yes!) for special events with Fall Brewing, Twisted Manzanita, Belching Beaver and more. Upcoming collaborations inspired by owners Cameron Corley and Brad Keiller’s favorite local breweries and restaurants are regularly announced on Nomad Donuts’ Facebook and Instagram.

Nomad Donuts is located at 4504 30th Street. For more information, call (619) 431-5000 and visit