Brian's 24 Reopens After Renovation

May 14, 2015

The restaurant that never sleeps got a little beauty rest and is waking up looking better than ever! Brian’s 24, the iconic 24-hour restaurant in the heart of the Gaslamp District, has been closed over the past month for a facelift. Having chicken and waffle withdrawals? Not to worry! Brian's is scheduled to open this week, unveiling a fresh design that highlights the features of the eatery that customers know and love.

What can you expect? The brains behind the operation, Jen Guerin of JG Color Studios says, “The inspiration for Brian’s 24 was the warmth of an east coast diner with west coast hues of sun and surf. A non-traditional twist of classic swivel counter stools set next to modern 80% recycled Philip Starke chairs. Mixed metals and stains to emulate the plethora of ways warm food can be delivered to your room or table 24/7.”

The historic "Joan Crawford" mahogany bar, from the late actress’ estate, remains intact and has been refinished to preserve its classic charm. The celebrated over-sized chandelier also remains, shining a light on the restaurant’s modern transformation. Not to mention, the remodeling also pays homage to the owners’ father, Steve Epstein, who originally started Brian’s 24. His Big Gulp sits high above the crowd watching every move.

The restaurant’s motto will always be the same of course - Inspiring breakfasts to start the day, meeting friends or business associates for lunch, a quiet dinner, late night snack or nightcap - only Brian's can make it happen 24-hours every day.

Brian's 24 is located at 828 6th Avenue in downtown San Diego. For more information, visit