Historic Anthony's May Be Sent To Swim With The Fishes In 2017 | Port Of San Diego To Issue Request For Proposals For Iconic Waterfront Restaurant Location

May 13, 2015

As part of efforts to support a vibrant and active waterfront, the Port of San Diego is preparing to open a competitive selection process for redeveloping the flagship waterfront site that has been operated as Anthony's Fish Grotto for nearly half a century.

This is a rare opportunity for a highly qualified team to pursue a redevelopment on one of the most prominent and desirable waterfront restaurant sites in Southern California. Anthony's Fish Grotto of La Mesa has held a lease on the property since 1965. That 52-year lease expires January 31, 2017, presenting an opportunity for the Port to explore options, test the market and ultimately select the best possible team to maximize the potential of the site at 1360 North Harbor Drive in the City of San Diego.

The competitive selection process is anticipated to move quickly to ensure that redevelopment proceeds immediately following the end of the current lease. At a regular meeting on May 12, 2015, the Board of Port Commissioners directed staff to issue a Request for Proposals, which is currently expected to be issued on May 20, 2015. Staff will review proposals and return to the Board on August 11, 2015 with recommendations on moving forward.

The leasehold currently includes 31,608 square feet of building area constructed on a platform that sits above the water. The current operation is divided into a 75-seat quick-serve restaurant, a 336-seat full-service restaurant, and a 105-seat event center. As the steward of San Diego Bay, the Port seeks quality development that helps make the San Diego region a prime destination for visitors. The Port's commercial real estate portfolio along the waterfront includes 73 restaurants with more than 13,000 seats, 16 hotels with approximately 8,000 rooms, as well as three retail centers, along with museums and other attractions.

Respondents to the Request for Proposals will need to demonstrate their skills and ability to finance, design, construct, brand and operate a waterfront restaurant or restaurants on San Diego Bay, including a demonstrated record of success in similar developments and restaurant enterprises.

Parties interested in viewing or responding to the Request for Proposals, once it is available, can do so through the Port of San Diego's PlanetBids portal.