Planet Rooth Design Haus Debuts Barrel Smoker Dinner Series On Thursday, May 21 | Chefs Plascencia, Franco & Heredia Team Up With Baja Wine + Food For Multi-Course Smoker Dinner

May 10, 2015

Baja Wine + Food & Planet Rooth Design Haus join forces with guest chefs Javier Plascencia, Flor Franco and Ricardo Heredia to bring the debut of the Barrel Smoker Dinner Series on Thursday, May 21, for a multi-course, family style dinner with dishes prepared with the revolutionary iQ Oak Barrel Smoker designed by Swedish master craftsman and event host Gustaf Anders Rooth. This monthly dinner series will continue after this event, celebrated on the third Thursday of every month with leading culinary stars from the area.

Celebrity chefs Javier Plascencia, Flor Franco and World Food Champion Ricardo Heredia are the first three featured chefs in the dinner series. Flor and Javier were the first owners of the the iQ Oak Barrel Smoker. Dinner will include offerings from Lomita Winery in Valle de Guadalupe, including Espacio en Blanco (Chardonnay), Cursi Rosé (Grenache), Discreto Encanto Blend, Pagano (Grenache) and Sacro (Cabernet-Merlot).

Tickets for this event are $95 per person and are very limited. Planet Rooth Design Haus is located at 3334 5th Avenue. Dinner takes place from 6-9pm on May 21. To purchase passes, visit
Gustav Rooth came up with the idea of the iQ Oak Barrel Smoker when considering how to eliminate the waste involved with his popular Barrely Made It line of oak-barrel-made furniture. The 65-pounds, oak barrel is a vertical smoker with technology that Rooth and his crew engineered and named 'iQ' because it is 'Incredibly Quick'. Meat comes out of the IQ Smoker tasting like it has been cooking for hours, but from start to finish, most meats only take 30 minutes to finish. Rooth can frequently be found cooking at culinary events in the area. He has been a cook since the 1980s when his family’s restaurant, Christina’s Food Boutique, was open in La Mesa.

Rumor has it that Rooth's next culinary creation is a reimagined roasting box akin to that produced by La Caja China. Visit to learn more.