Two San Diego Companies Raise Money To Give Mexican Orphanage Access To Healthier Food

May 11, 2015

Local small businesses Evolution Healthworks and Illuminate Juice have teamed up to raise funds to create an organic garden at the Casa de la Esperanza Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. The project looks to bring healthy fruits and vegetables in a sustainable form to the residents of the orphanage, which sits on the outskirts of Tijuana and is home to over 70 orphans and full-time caretakers.

As of now, the primary diet for the children is rice and beans supplemented by donations. The proposed garden will provide fruits and vegetables as a healthy complement to the orphans’ diets. The garden will also urge the children to play a part in its upkeep and choose how to expand and maintain it in the future. 

“We’re looking for a way to not just donate something to the orphange, but build a project that can provide a healthy option to them for years” said Jackson Dargan of Evolution Healthworks.

Both companies have spent the past two months gathering the necessary supplies and starting work on the garden with in anticipation of completion in June. Additionally, both companies have pledged financial support. Illuminate’s “Juice For A Cause” campaign delivers 50% of proceeds from their Berry Almond Mylks to the project. Evolution Healthworks has pledged to donate a portion of proceeds on its Alkaline Water Systems. No matter the amount, any support for the garden project would be instrumental in improving the quality of life for the children at Casa de la Esperanza.  
Anyone looking to donate can do so via the fundraising site on