Prepare Healthier Meals At Home With The Homestyle Vegan Cookbook Classic Recipes Reimagined For A Plant Based Diet

July 31, 2015

I come from a family of vegans and Lady SanDiegoVille and I always endeavor to implement a healthier, plant-based diet at home. My mother, brother and sister have been practicing veganism for nearly a decade each. Sure, it can make dining out a bit difficult, but they are all skilled home cooks that make fantastic dishes sure to please any palate. My mother and brother recently teamed up to author and publish an ebook filled with delicious, tried-and-true recipes inspired by multiple generations within my family. From beet chili to stuffed cabbage, the Homestyle Vegan Cookbook is filled with over 25 recipes that will help you start eating better at home. Read all about it and get your copy today.

In the Homestyle Vegan Cookbook, you'll find 26 recipes that are carbohydrate-based, oil-free, gluten-free (if you wish), low in sodium, and plant-based, using majorly whole foods that are cooked minimally. This ebook features an advanced level of interactivity and includes a ‘checklist’ outlining how to outfit your kitchen with the tools (appliances, cookware, utensils, pantry and food items), as well as specific recommended products, cooking guidelines and tips, and simplified methods for cooking vegetables, grains, and legumes presented with unprecedented ease and approachability.

Be sure to try the escarole and beans - one of our favorites!
My brother Ryan grew up constantly struggling with weight issues. We ate nearly the same foods but he was plagued with ‘metabolic issues’ that resulted in excess body fat. Although he tried many diets, workout regimens, and programs along the way, he experienced only fleeting progress, followed by relapse.

In college, Ryan became engrossed in nutrition and the science of the body and he eventually started losing weight by cutting out large amounts of processed foods. Ryan continued passionately studying nutrition and learned more about cooking and the benefits of preparing his own food.

Beet and bean chili with red quinoa made in the SanDiegoVille kitchen
Ryan eventually lost over 100 pounds of excess bodyweight in a little over a year, continually-evolving his diet in line with his morals and ideals. During this time, he became quite the foodie, and thrived on watching cooking shows and practicing to create cultural-classic recipes with a more health-minded approach. Ryan eventually evolved his diet to consist of healthful carbohydrates from whole foods, minimal refined ingredients (especially oil), low sodium, and - perhaps most importantly - solely plant foods, embracing a solely vegan diet. Ryan has been vegan now for the better part of a decade.

The Homestyle Vegan Cookbook is a combined effort of Ryan's interpretation of classic recipes passed down from my grandmother to my mother Lois, and now, to her four children. The result is the culmination of a lengthy path of culinary and nutritional prowess where a very unique set of individuals and circumstances have aligned to bring to you a book of delicious, healthful, diverse, and beautiful recipes. They have been passed through multiple generations and cultures, and along the way upgraded for flavor, presentation, and of course, wholesomeness.

Learn more about Ryan's journey by watching his video story below, get a video instructional on how to make his famed beet chili and get your copy of the Homestyle Vegan Cookbook by visiting