RUMORVILLE: Saint Archer Brewing Co. Purchased By MillerCoors? Has Big Beer Struck San Diego?

Could these be the new 'Silver Bullets'???
August 1, 2015

Rumors are swirling that Miramar-based Saint Archer Brewing Co. is in talks with MillerCoors about selling out to the brewing behemoth. Saint Archer launched in April 2013 and immediately gained popularity on social media due to it's star-studded lineup of owners and brewery 'ambassadors', including professional surfers Josh Kerr and Taylor Knox, skateboarders Mike Taylor, Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez, industry filmmakers and photographers Josh Landan, Atiba Jefferson and Jeff Johnson - and many others. The purchase of Saint Archer by MillerCoors would mark the first San Diego craft brewery to be consumed by the big beer industry.

Saint Archer Brewing got a lot of flack from the San Diego community earlier this year after calling out the Padres on social media for, allegedly, not supporting the brewery. They eventually deleted the post and issued an apology.

Sources from Saint Archer claim that this is just a rumor, so we will be sure to update this story when we learn more.