Chef Rachel King Leaves NINE-TEN in La Jolla

December 17, 2015

Today was the young and talented Chef Rachel King's last day working as the pastry chef for La Jolla's NINE-TEN restaurant, where she has worked with Executive Chef Jason Knibb for the past two-plus years. Rachel has not revealed her future plans but has indicated a desire to expand her culinary prowess beyond pastry.

"I love working with Jason and have a deep respect for him, but it's my time to move on," explained Chef Rachel. "I decided to leave back in September, but stayed on until now in order to assist them with the transition as much as possible."

Chef Rachel is married to Chef Ryan Studebaker, executive chef of A MIHO Experience, so it would make perfect sense for the culinary power couple to team up and launch their own eatery. Could that be in the works for 2016?

"I have some details to figure out regarding my next move, but can say that I am excited to explore other avenues of the industry," continued King. "My passion thus far has been plated desserts. At this point, I am ready to channel those skills into other forms. The culinary industry is extremely multifaceted and I want to see what I might enjoy besides being a restaurant pastry chef."

Before taking over as Pastry Chef of NINE-TEN in July 2013, Chef Rachel was formerly with Enlightened Hospitality Restaurants, where she served as Executive Pastry Chef for their group of San Diego restaurants that included Searsucker, Burlap, Gingham, Gabardine, Green Acre and Herringbone. She also partnered with Chef and Owner Brian Malarkey to create a production kitchen named BaKING Co. for which she provided desserts for many local restaurants.

Rachel’s dessert creations have been written about in such publications such as,, and more, and she was nominated for Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Pastry Chefs of 2013”.

We wish Chef Rachel King the best of luck on her journey and will be sure to let our readers know when we learn more about her plans for the future.