8 San Diego Cocktails With Some Kick!

Bracero's The Ready Lane
January 27, 2016

Nobody complains about a cold beer on a hot day, or a shot to celebrate, but what about those special drinks with a little spice for this cooler San Diego weather? Made with a variety of alcohols and mouthwatering ingredients, these 8 drinks are giving bar-goers some fresh options for nearly any occasion. From mild to hot to watery eyes, there’s a choice for us all!

The Ready Lane from Bracero Cocina de Raiz provides a sip of spicy sophistication! Much like the other cocktails on Bracero’s menu, the ingredients used are inviting and refreshing– from jalapeño-infused tequila and Saler’s Aperitif to celery syrup and fresh lime. Enjoy the street scene of Little Italy from the second floor mezzanine at Bracero while the Ready Lane spices up the conversation.

barleymash stays true to its progressive alcohol-infused food and drink menus with the Downtown Chancho. It stars Herradura Reposada tequila, pineapple, jalapeño, agave, lime and a Tajínrim. It may look like your little brother’s lemonade…but it definitely doesn’t taste like it! Next time you’re staying up late in the Gaslamp, try this big kid’s drink and enjoy!

There is a spiced Caribbean cocktail that is heating up Sandbar in Mission Beach. The One-Eyed Donkey mixes Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry spiced rums, Canton ginger liqueur and ginger beer. This Donkey has kick! The taste of ginger and tropical flare will have your tongue tingling and hooves kickin’ for more.

In Pacific Beach, The Duck Dive will take you on a journey south-of-the-border with their Take Me to Mexico cocktail. The drink features agave tequila, house-infused with fresh watermelon, basil, jalapeño and lemon. Prepare for a fiesta with the powerful punch that this beverage packs!

Roasted Jalapeno Blackberry Margarita from Barrio Star
Barrio Star has been crafting its Roasted Jalapeño Blackberry Margarita for several years to great acclaim, so you can’t call it a newcomer. You can call it absolutely delectable, with house-infused roasted jalapeño tequila, muddled blackberry, agave and fresh lime. The inviting red cocktail is served on-the-rocks with a salt rim and lime garnish. Take a picture…it will last much longer!

Another beautiful view is at Pacific Beach’s Backyard Kitchen & Tap sitting in front of a Spicy Pear. The combination of Grey Goose La Poire, lemon juice, agave nectar, St. Germaine and the heat of a serrano pepper slice come together brilliantly. Drink slowly and enjoy the view!

As the night goes on and the party kicks into high gear near the beach, Tavern has you covered. The Betrunkenen Deutsch (Drunken German) is a drink for the strong of heart, and daring of tongue. A das boot glass appears with a frosty mix of Jägermeister, Barq’s Root Beer and RX Sarsaparilla Bitters. It is served icy cold, but magically warms the body. Boot bottoms up—you’re about to be betrunkenen!

After trying all those drinks, it might be time for bed…but you will eventually wake up and need another! Fig Tree Café, with locations in Hillcrest, Liberty Station and Pacific Beach, offers a spicy treat for such an occasion. Daddy’s Pepper is crafted with vodka, soda water, jalapeño, mint, lime and strawberries. Don’t sell yourself short in the morning…spice things up with this cocktail!

This year, make a resolution to refresh your tongue’s outlook on the cocktail world. Next time you’re looking to satisfy a spicy or flavor-packed drink craving, stop by these San Diego spots for a new drink.