Small Bar To Pair Craft Cocktails With Silly Bizarre Crime Mug Shots On May 24

April 17, 2016

A new kind of pairing event is taking place this May. Craft cocktail events are popular, but pairing booze with food has been done to death. Small Bar in University Heights is changing things up by pairing craft cocktails with mug shots. You read that right. On May 24, Small Bar will host an arresting event where six separate mug shots will each be paired with a mule inspired by the alleged crime committed by each suspect.

For the pairing, each mug shot is associated with a crazy, dumb, bizarre or frankly asinine story about the arrest. In addition, each mule will come with a different food item also tailored to the mug shot. Yeah, it’s tasteless, but also full of flavor. What could be better than craft cocktails and stupid crimes? Each guest will get a copper mule mug featuring the Small Bar logo.

The event costs $60, which includes six carefully curated cocktails, six delicious snacks, a copper mule mug and some stories that will raise your eyebrows and make your mouth drop. The event will be hosted by Small Bar host Karen Barnett and Doug Sorito, a native San Diegan who’s made a lot of bad choices.