Authentic Italian Food Hall Pan Bon Shutters In San Diego's Little Italy

September 10, 2016

The "all day Italian food hub" Pan Bon, which was opened by Verona-born brothers Luciano & Giancarlo Anselmi in the outskirts of San Diego's Little Italy in January 2015, quietly closed for business yesterday.

Pan Bon was a sleek and ambitious 10,000 square foot restaurant and marketplace located at the base floor of the Ariel Suites residential high rise that likely suffered due to the lack of foot traffic and an overly extensive menu. The food hall offered a huge variety of Northern Italian delicacies and bakery items for dine in or take out - from pizza and pastries, to pastas and breads, to breakfast, brunch and dinner entrees, as well as a range of American and Italian wines and beers. 

The Anselmi brothers also own a bakery of the same name in their hometown of Verona, Italy. Giancarlo fell in love with America's Finest City on a vacation some years back and was determined to open an outpost of his family's business in San Diego. We reached out to the restaurant for comment but have not received a response.

The closing of Pan Bon came as a surprise even to at least one employee of the establishment, who reportedly was not made aware of the impending closure, with the alleged employee stating that she worked the day prior to the closing and was scheduled for additional shifts.