Support A New San Diego Product For Small Business Saturday | Order Tuck This Holiday Season And Give The Gift Of Ultimate Comfort

November 24, 2017

Straight out of a scene from Seinfeld, it all started as an argument between two of my brothers about the right way to sleep soundly - whether feet sprawling out from the bottom of the blanket or tucked tightly inside. The debate sparked an idea that lead to Tuck - The Ultimate Comfort Companion, which launched and funded its crowdfunding campaign last Fall on Kickstarter. Much more than a blanket, this all-in-one accessory is a footed-throw, a pillow, a hoodie, a cape, and much more - meant to protect against the chill and promote relaxation, offering all the comforts of home in one fluffy package. It's like a snuggie on steroids, and promo code SDVILLE saves $5 per order - just in time for the holidays!

The debut product from PocketChange Designs, which recently relocated to San Diego, Tuck is meant for anyone who takes their relaxation seriously. In blanket mode, it's perfect for sleep, snuggles, and binge a whole new meaning to the term "Netflix and chill." In pillow mode, it's ideal for daytime naps, storage, and on-the-go comfort. In cloak mode, it's there for work-filled mornings, game-filled nights, and staying comfy during those chilly days. It's like a Swiss Army blanket.

Tuck's patent-pending three-pocketed design makes it so there are many different ways to use it. You can stick your feet in one of the safe-pockets to keep them warm and make sure nobody pulls the blanket away or gets to your feet. It can fold it up into pillow mode and use it as a combination pillow/sleep mask for a daytime nap, a comfy car ride, or a flight. Or Tuck can be flipped upside down, and the user can put their hands through the pouches. There are openings on the side and added thumbholes for extra freedom when wearing this stylish blanket hoodie. Made of Coral Fleece, the product is soft, lightweight, and machine-washable. Below are just some of our starter poses to show you how people have Tucked so far.
Studies show that the majority of people are very particular about their feet when they sleep, and that addressing their preference leads to better sleep quality. This is because body temperature plays a key role in both falling and staying asleep, and the feet are an important variable there. Tuck allows for airflow to the feet and even encourages the user to poke their tootsies out of the holes when they get too warm.

But the best part about Tuck is that purchasers have the option to add $5 to their order to Give a Tuck to a homeless American in need. PocketChange has partnered with charities like Blankets for Homeless, The Bowery Mission, Khloe Kares, and more to ensure that the number of hypothermia fatalities drops this coming winter.

For more information on Tuck and to order, visit, and be sure to enter promo code SDVILLE at checkout to save $5 per order.