Cheers To Proposition 64! North Park's True North Tavern Introduces San Diego's First Cannabis Cocktail To Celebrate Marijuana Legalization In California

November 11, 2016

The day of the cannabis cocktail is upon us! With 56% of California voting to pass Proposition 64 this past November 9, marijuana is now legal for those 21 and up in California (with some caveats, of course), who will control, regulate and tax cannabis starting next year. With availability comes experimentation, particularly in the bartending community and the cocktails they make, and True North Tavern is the first bar in San Diego to offer a cannabis laced cocktail.

How is this drink made? In a cocktail shaker, homemade Amarillo hop bitters, egg white, lime simple syrup, Chareau, and Nolets are given a dry shake, then a quick wet shake, and poured into a Champagne coupe before being topped with a few drops of CBD cannabis oil and garnished with a sprig of mint. Check out how it's constructed in the short video below.

It is important to know that cannabis is composed of hundreds of cannabinoids, that have various effects on the brain and body. CBD is a key ingredient found in cannabis that is non-psychoactive. You will feel a buzz from the alcohol but you will not be getting the high most people associate with marijuana.

True North Tavern is located at 3815 30th Street in North Park. For more information, visit