Jinya Ramen Bar To Become Menyu Ramen Taphouse

January 24, 2017

Pacific Beach's Jinya Ramen Bar, a Los Angeles-based Japanese eatery that opened at 825 Garnet Avenue in Fall 2015, has essentially closed for business as of today, but don't worry as the owners remain the same and will reopen the restaurant as Menyu Ramen Taphouse this Thursday, January 26, featuring a similar-yet-expanded menu with 10-hour, no-MSG tonkotsu ramen, as well as appetizers, vegan options, sake, and more than 20 beers on tap.

Sometimes franchisers have a falling out with their parent company. That's what seemed to have happened between MK Dining, who have operated the Pacific Beach eatery since day one, and the Jinya Ramen Bar corporation. We spoke with Akio Oka, a representative of MK Dining, who assured us that the new restaurant will be better than ever. After receiving updates to the restaurant interior, outdoor patio, bar and menus, Menyu Ramen Taphouse will debut on January 26 ready to dish out its MSG free ramen broth, made in-house and including chicken and vegan options, and will also offer an expanded menu with a variety of Japanese-inspired appetizers, salads, rice bowls, entrees and desserts. The beer list will stay devoted to local craft beers and the sake will continue to flow like fine wine. Kanpai!

MK Dining still states that it intends to open a location in Hillcrest at 801 University Avenue, but the Robata JINYA restaurant planned for 815 University Avenue has been completely scrapped, which is unfortunate, because we've eaten at the Los Angeles version and it was delicious. Another Menyu outpost is slated to be installed in the space at 815 University Avenue as early as this summer.

For more information on Menyu Ramen Taphouse, check out the launch menu below.