San Diego's Suzie's Farm Announces Closure

June 26, 2017

San Diego South County based Suzie's Farm, which first launched in 2004, announced today on its social media that it is closing for business citing financial difficulties.

"If you have followed along on our blog for the last eight years, you've known the struggles that we have had financially to make Suzie's Farm be a profitable business here in San Diego County, especially where we are, which is not an agricultural area of San Diego. We've had lots of hurdles, and we've learned a ton, but we have also been supported by the most amazing people."

In a heartfelt and heart-wrenching video posted this morning on Suzie's Farm's Facebook page, co-owner Lucila De Alejandro, who took over Suzie's Farm with her husband Robin Taylor in January 2009, announced that Suzie's would be closing for business due to financial hurdles and difficulties making a profit. This past weekend's farmers market was their last with final tours taking place this weekend. The farm, which leases its land from the city, has given its 6 months notice and will wind down operations, hoping for one last planting of crops this summer.

Suzie’s Farm was first established in 2004, on the property adjacent to Sun Grown Organic Distributors, a sprout and wheatgrass company operated by Robin and Lucila for twenty-five years. Since 2009, when Robin & Lucia took over Suzie's, the farm has grown from a 3-acre flower farm to a 70-acre USDA-certified organic farm with 85 employees that grew over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round, as well as having a fleet of 300 egg-laying hens. Suzie's sold its items through its CSA program, as well as at area farmers markets. The farm hosted frequent events like an annual pumpkin festival and frequent yoga and dinner pairing meals.

Suzie's Farm CSA program will now be fulfilled by California-based company Farm Fresh To You, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Organic Farm Box program started in 1992. For more information, visit