Tasting Room Del Mar Announces Impending Closure

July 27, 2017

Tasting Room Del Mar, which opened only last year, took to Facebook today to announce that it will close for business next month.

Owned by father/son-duo David and Evan Taylor, Tasting Room Del Mar opened in June 2016 within the 2,400-square-foot indoor/outdoor space at 1435 Camino del Mar in the heart of the North County San Diego coastal community. The kitchen was helmed by Executive Chef Steven Lona and Chef de Cuisine Jenny Goycochea and Sommelier Rusti Gilbert curated the wine and beer lists.

Tasting Room Del Mar will close for business after service on August 13 and will stop serving lunch after this weekend. Check out the below statement posted today on the company's Facebook Page.

To our friends and family,

In July of 2015, we stepped foot into what amounted to a concrete cavern with dreams and aspirations projected out onto that blank canvas. We celebrated over the seasons as the space changed, walls were built, tiles were laid, and fires were lit and anticipated sharing the fruit of our labor with all of you. And then there was magic. The irresistible charm of the small family we’d assembled mixed with the positive energy of all our new visitors and the restaurant hummed. Despite the obstacles and challenges we’d encountered along the way, the restaurant we’d only yet envisioned was a living, breathing entity. The days turned into months and those months into a year and we were excited to open the doors again each day to share the things we treasured with all of you.

We know that day in and day out we provided a welcoming, thoughtful experience with great wine, beer, and food. We’re proud of that. Nonetheless, the difficulties of a restaurant are often hidden behind the quality of the guest experience, as any number of restaurant folk will certainly tell you. That was also the case in this instance as, for many reasons, the last year proved challenging even in the face of our dedication to our goals. In the last several weeks it became especially apparent that the challenges we were faced with were proving insurmountable. With that unavoidable reality in mind, we are announcing the closure of Tasting Room Del Mar.

Our last day of service will be Sunday, August 13th. We will continue to offer lunch and dinner until Sunday, July 30th and from Tuesday, August 1st until our last day we will be excited to welcome you into our home for our happy hour service and dinner.

Closing time on Sunday, August 13th will undoubtedly prove to be a difficult reality. We’re a tight knit family here at the restaurant and have built a lovely life with each other and all of you. While we understand the necessity of this action, we’re truly saddened to move away from our home and to know we won’t be able to anticipate your visits anymore. We’ll miss the conversations, the smiles, and the company.

We hope to see every one of you over these next two weeks so that we can have a moment to say goodbye and to thank you in person for your support through this last, wonderful year. On Saturday, August 12th at 6pm, we’ll be holding a little farewell party with beer, wine, and food offered at special prices to celebrate one of our last days with our family and friends. We would be honored if you would attend.

In this moment, we could write a novel full of memories and sorrows, but we’ll leave it at this:

This has been the adventure of a lifetime, so don’t let it stop now. Don’t stop learning. Don’t stop growing. Don’t stop exploring. Approach the world around you with a sense of whimsy and passion. Sharing our home with all of you has brought us immeasurable joy. Being welcomed into your lives this last year has been an even greater privilege. We love you and we’ll miss you. Thank you for making our lives bigger, better, and brighter.

And until we meet again... #taketimetosmellthewine.

Your friends and family at Tasting Room Del Mar