Former POTUS Barack Obama Visits San Diego

December 10, 2017

Former President of the United States Barack Obama visited San Diego over the weekend, and we had the pleasure of enjoying a face-to-face interaction with him today at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

When we pulled up to The Lodge at Torrey Pines for a late afternoon lunch (our dear friend at P.S. I Love San Diego said we had to try the burger), we were curious to see a San Diego Sheriff's vehicle and two large black SUVs. We wondered which hotshot was hitting the links on this fine Sunday afternoon. We just barely made the last lunch seating at the onsite restaurant AR Valentien. We glanced at the menu and did not see the famed Drugstore Burger. Disappointed, we almost left. Until! Behold! Our friendly server Nick informed us that it was an off-menu creation and that the secrecy of the sought-after burger was part of the appeal. We ordered two burgers and a couple of drinks and inquired who was visiting today that required the police escort and were filled with glee by his response.

"Obama is here today," Nick calmly explained. "I thought that's why you two were here. He is expected to be coming around the back very shortly."

Obama eyeing his shot!
Of course, we nearly forgot about our burgers and rushed down to see the former President. We waited along with around 30-50 others to greet Mr. President as he completed the 18th hole. We all watched as President Obama lined up his final shots and sunk his putt. He graciously greeted the crowd with a wave and his quintessential smile...a smile that brings comfort and calm. As Obama casually drove his cart to the front of the group just steps from us, the adoring crowd met him with chants of "We miss you!" and "Please come back!" Mr. Obama stepped out from his golf cart, joked with the crowd, told his score for the day (he shot a 91) and wished us all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. It was a most pleasant and surreal interaction that none in attendance shall soon forget.

We returned to pick up our now luke warm drugstore burgers (which were already wrapped and ready), paid our tab, and thanked Nick for making our day. We don't know why, other than to play, President Obama visited San Diego over the weekend, nor who he was with, but we were too elated to care. Our day was made.

By the way, the Drugstore Burger lives up to the hype. It's simply delicious, especially with a side of Obama!!