Bad Axe Throwing Is Coming To San Diego's Pacific Beach

April 12, 2018 

Entering the 6,500 square-foot space that currently houses CrossFit San Diego Athletics in Pacific Beach is Bad Axe Throwing, an axe throwing club with more than twenty locations around North America.

Founded by CEO Mario Zelaya in  Ontario, Canada in the Fall of 2014, Bad Axe Throwing has grown to be the world's largest ax throwing club with 23 locations across Canada and the United States. Through the founding and cultivation of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), which is the governing body of the sport of Urban Axe Throwing with members in several countries, Bad Axe Throwing is helping to turn what was once just a traditional hobby into a global phenomenon.

The San Diego location will open up this May. The new location will offer an experience similar to throwing darts at a bar, but instead of darts people will use axes. To celebrate their grand opening, Bad Axe Throwing San Diego will be hosting free open houses to share the axe throwing experience with people who are interested, although a little skeptical at the new sport. Dubbed the "modern day bowling", ax throwing has recently become a way to celebrate any occasion or a simple group outting for friends, families and corporate team building. 

For about $35-45 per person, participants get a one-on-one lesson on how to throw an ax from an experienced coach, as well as a safety tutorial, then after a warmup are allowed to take part in a tournament. There is no age limit to participate as long as the child can properly throw an axe and their parent is present.

Bad Axe Throwing will be located at 1019 Garnet Avenue in San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood. For more information, visit or call 888.435.0001.