A Toast Restaurant Is Opening In North Park

August 22, 2018

From the founding chef behind Grater Grilled Cheese, Son Of A Toast will soon install within a North Park space that last housed a tattoo parlor and offer an array of sweet and savory toasts, complimented by a variety of coffee drinks.

Everyone knows about the avocado variety, but Chef Gaston Corbala wants to expand the canvas that is toast. After selling his share of the grilled cheese chain that he help found, Grater Grilled Cheese, Gaston has set his eyes on the toast game and other projects, including the future launch of a French toast cafe and an Italian/Mexican fusion restaurant.

Son of a Toast will offer a menu centered around open face sandwiches made with Sadie Rose bread. Options with include the Venetian with ricotta cheese, tomato, basil and cipoline balsamic; the Bourdain with creme fraiche, smoked salmon, onion, capers and dill; and the Donkey Kong with peanut butter, sliced banana, crumbled ganola and sweet syrup. The toasts will range in price between $7-10. The eatery also hopes to do a monthly toast collaboration with local chefs. Son of a Toast will also have an array of pastries and donuts, as well as coffee drinks and cold brew mocktails that will be made in partnership with bartender supply store Collins & Coupe.

Son of a Toast will sit at 3066 University Avenue in North Park. For more information, visit SonOfAToast.com and check out the menu below.