Seasoned San Diego Chef Opens B-MO's Sandwich Shop In Pacific Beach

September 5, 2018

After leading the kitchens of some serious local restaurants, a seasoned San Diego chef has turned his eyes toward fast-casual culinary comforts with the opening of B-MO's Sandwich Shop - a no-nonsense, scratch-made eatery now open in Pacific Beach.

Chef Brian Moran started in the food industry over two decades ago as a line cook and evolved to sous chef and finally, in 2007, he made it to his first executive chef position and never looked back. Chef Brian has worked in the kitchens at some top notch San Diego restaurants, including most recently as the Developmental Chef at Truluck's La Jolla and Executive Chef at both Lou & Mickey's and Eddie V's Prime Seafood, both in downtown San Diego. When Moran saw that the space that last housed Primitive Smoke was available for rent, he partnered with his longtime friend, Marc Loski, who is also a talented woodworker, for the opening of B-MO's Sandwich Shop.

"We want to elevate the quality of the all-American sandwich shop, which is made possible by Chef Brian Moran, who is a professionally trained chef and has been in the industry for 22 years," explained co-owner Marc Loski. "As an executive chef, Brian found himself cooking less and less and that’s what he wants to get back to."

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B-MO's offers a selection of specialty sandwiches made with house-made spreads and meats on locally made Bread & Cie bread. A favorite so far is the Cali-Cuban, which features low-and-slow pulled pork, ham, pepper Jack cheese, sliced pickles and roasted garlic mayo on a toasted buttered French roll. The eatery also offers seasonally-inspired, rotating soup options, which will usually include two vegan varieties, and fresh salads tossed to order with scratch-made dressings. Being that the seating area at B-MO's only consists of two, 3-top bar areas and one table for four, the fast-casual eatery is best for take out.

"At B-MO's, it’s all about simple but great ingredients combined together to create amazing flavors," continued Loski. "Chef loves creating and also loves a challenge, so if we have the ingredients for something and you don’t see it on our menu don’t be afraid to ask for something special! Brian will be more than happy to see what he could make for you."

B-MO's Sandwich Shop is located at 1037 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach and is open daily from 11am to 7pm. For more information, visit and check out the menu board below.