Unique Bread-Based Eatery Debuts In San Diego | Brick Bowl Now Open In Kearny Mesa

November 6, 2018

An innovative new concept has unveiled in San Diego's Kearny Mesa neighborhood. Brick Bowl is bringing sourdough bread to the next level by taking thick chunks and stuffing it with every topping imaginable.

Founded by Youjin Her, Brick Bowl is a unique concept based around giant "bricks" of freshly baked sourdough bread that are hollowed out then packed with an array of toppings including cheeses, meats, vegetables and sauces before being baked to melty perfection. If a head-sized piece of stuffed bread isn't enough carb overload, the pulled out part of the loaf is also coated in an herbed butter, toasted, and served along with another big piece of garlic bread with each plate. 

"A lot of thought has been given to the components of our Brick Bowls, types of bread and the ingredients which increase the nutritional value.," explained owner Youjin Her. "We simply want to provide fresh, nutritious and great tasting food at a reasonable price in a convenient environment. Nothing goes perfectly, especially when you're opening a restaurant, but we let our work speak for itself."

In addition to five signature bricks, Brick Bowl offers a build-your-own option as well as a variety of fruity, sparkling vinegar drinks - think a more carbonated kombucha. Of the signature brick bowls, a standout is the Korean Marinated Rib-Eye Brick with Korean BBQ bulgogi beef, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and grilled cabbage.

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Brick Bowl is located at 3927 Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa. For more information, visit brickbowl.com and check out the menu below.