Careered San Diego Pastry Chef Launches Brand Of Cannabis-Infused Desserts

July 1, 2019 

A seasoned San Diego pastry master is now applying her expertise in the burgeoning cannabis industry with the launch of Kaneh Co., a gourmet marijuana-infused line of edible desserts now available in California dispensaries.

Chef Rachel King has worked locally as the pastry chef of La Jolla's NINE-TEN restaurant and as the corporate pastry chef for all of Enlightened Hospitality Restaurants (Searsucker, Herringbone) when Brian Malarkey still owned the company. Rachel’s dessert creations have been written about in publications such as,, and more, and she was nominated for Food & Wine magazine’s "Best New Pastry Chefs of 2013."

"Kaneh Co. is the result of my culinary experience combining with my partners' cannabis and business experience," explained Chef Rachel. "We wanted to come to market with a quality, taste driven edible that could be enjoyed beyond the fact that it got you high. I use the same techniques and ingredients as I would in a restaurant, we just add a little something extra. And obviously, we have strict testing and quality standards we have to adhere to, so that ups the ante even more."

Along with local cannabis entrepreneur Jesse Heinowitz and a group of partners, Kanah Co. recently launched with a lineup of THC and CBD-infused brownies, cookies, vegan and gluten free bites, fruit jellies, caramels, and chocolates. The company also provides white label products for other companies, including jellies, cookies, brownies, and hard candies. Kaneh Co. products can be found at approximately 200 different dispensaries across California, including locally at most storefront shops like Torrey Holistics, SDRC, and March & Ash.

"I entered into this project wanting a change of lifestyle," continued King. "I definitely got it. In some ways this industry was like the wild west the last few years. This past year the industry has changed dramatically. Adjusting to regulations is ongoing and managing a staff our size can be challenging at times. This has been a huge learning experience and I have met a ton of wonderful people. I love our staff - our management team is like a slightly dysfunctional little family.

Kaneh Co. aims to expand with more new products in the future and hopes to enter the market in other states where cannabis has been legalized for recreational and medical use. For more information, visit