Global Sensation YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea Opens San Diego Location

September 7, 2019

With more than 600 locations around the world, YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea has opened its first Southern California branch in San Diego, offering a wide array of organic and all-natural teas.

Yifang, named after the founder's grandmother, has stores all over the world - including New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia and Taiwan. The menu offers around 40 tea varieties, all made with organic sugar and Taiwanese teas (black, green, ching, and oolong) with no artificial syrups, powders or flavorings. Boba balls are also made in house. Yifang's signature fruit tea is loaded with fresh fruit and the convenient ordering system allows customers to adjust the amount of ice and sweetener in each drink. Each tea is available in just one size. One of the most popular drinks is the Mudflip, which is served only two times a day and is limited to one per person. Made with tapioca pearls, brown sugar, and milk, the Mudflip is actually meant to be flipped before drinking so customers can see the brown sugar and pearls mixing with milk.

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea's San Diego location is sited at 4698 Convoy Street, Suite 105, in Kearny Mesa and is open from noon to 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and noon to 11pm on Friday & Saturday. For more information, visit and check out the menu below.