Anthem Vegan Ends Run Inside Toronado San Diego

October 7, 2019

Anthem Vegan has ended its run as the kitchen operator of Toronado San Diego, and the classic North Park craft beer bar is returning to an omnivore menu effective immediately.

After shuttering its 4,000 square-foot vegan diner and deli this past spring, Anthem Vegan found a new home inside Toronado North Park where the San Diego plant-based eatery launched a condensed menu of vegan comfort food dishes. Many Toronado regulars were dismayed by the sudden change, as animal products were no longer served at the bar which once offered an eclectic tavern menu.

The 100% plant-based Anthem Vegan was founded in 2013 by Patrick Murray, who began as a weekly, invite-only pop-up called Vegan Speakeasy Brunch, which eventually grew from a supper club & catering company into a farmers market & brewery vendor. The menu of indulgent, mock-meat dishes, reminiscent of omnivore favorites, quickly made Anthem a popular destination for vegans and carnivores alike. In early 2018, after a successful Kickstarter campaign the year prior, Anthem Vegan opened its first brick-and-mortar at the building at 2611 El Cajon Boulevard in the heart of North Park, but that location closed as of March 31. Anthem also installed the "Southland Anthem Annex" within Brew Bar coffee shop on 3rd Avenue in the heart of Chula Vista, but that branch has also since closed.

Anthem has teased an announcement on its social media but have confirmed that they will not be opening another restaurant. Toronado is revamping their kitchen menu and will be rolling out something new very soon. They also hope to bring back their monthly rotating chef beer brunches. Check out Toronado's new menu below.