La Torta Cafe Announces Impending Closure After 25 Years In Business

January 31, 2020

A destination for Mexican fare for more than 25 years, La Mesa's La Torta Cafe announced it will close at the end of next week.

Founded in 1994 by Miguel Rojas, La Torta Cafe became a popular destination due to its menu of Mexican comfort foods and more than 40 variations of torta sandwiches - most named after the owner's siblings, nieces and nephews. At its peak, 6 locations of La Torta Cafe operated throughout San Diego, but all but the La Mesa branch were sold off after the recession in the late 2000s. After Miguel's sudden passing in 2017, his family operated the La Mesa restaurant.

"To the La Torta Family, it is with great sadness that I announce La Torta will be closing on February 9, 2020," Natalia Rojas posted to Facebook. "For 25 years, my late father (Miguel A. Rojas), my family, and I have had the pleasure of serving you. It has been a privilege to call many of you our dear friends. Thank you for all of the years of support that you have given us. We sincerely thank you for continuing to visit our restaurant even after the passing of my father. While La Torta will not be here in La Mesa, his legacy and contributions to this city will always be remembered. We hope to see you here soon to share a last memory. With gratitude, Natalia Rojas"

Visit La Torta Cafe before it closes on February 9 at 8356 Allison Avenue in La Mesa. For more information, visit