Chef-Driven Fast-Food Eatery Nitros Launches In San Diego's South County

March 31, 2020

The team behind San Diego's roving wagyu supper club Cosecha has launched a new take-out exclusive eatery in South County called Nitros, a chef-driven fast-food concept centered around dishes incorporating the namesake "nitros" - potatoes that are frozen with liquid nitrogen before frying.

From husband and wife team Chef Steve & Jamie Brown, Nitros was previously set to be a dining room for Steve's Cosecha multi-course supper club, but COVID-19 coronavirus precautions caused them to reconceptualize. Over the past two weeks, Brown has worked closely with chef de cuisine Nate Horton to perfect a menu based around one of Cosecha's most popular dishes - crispy potatoes made using an innovative molecular gastronomy technique.  

"Nitros SD is our chef-driven, fast food concept that we have been planning on launching for about a year," explained co-founder Steve Brown. "Nitros are our signature cosmic crispy fried potato that we have been serving in our pop-up and bistro concepts. We had our last 16 course tasting menu service on Sunday 3/15 and the governor announced on March 16 social distancing with no groups larger than 10 people, so obviously our CosechaSD Wagyu Tour was grounded. We decided 5 minutes later that we were going to launch Nitros SD to keep our team working and our company alive. Luckily we had already been planning this for the fall. I’m definitely not the type to sit back and watch everything fall apart. We are very proud of our team we have literally launched a fast food restaurant in two weeks. This food is for the people - it’s very approachable, thoughtful and comforting. We have big plans to grow this concept all over SD county and even open a brick-and-mortar at some point, but right now we are focusing on feeding the people great chef-driven fast food."

Starting today at 4pm, Nitros will offer a concise menu available for take-out and delivery through third party apps like UberEats. The majority of the offerings are smothered "nitros" - potatoes that are blanched before being twice frozen in liquid nitrogen then fried to a crispy, flakey, pillowy perfection. Expect dishes like nitro potato bowls topped with a variety of combinations and proteins like carne asada, beef chili, and braised short rib, as well as a cheeseburger, fried chicken sandwich and a Wagyu fat brownie for dessert. 

Nitros SD is located at 780 Hollister Street in San Diego's South County community of Palm City. For more information, visit and check out the launch menu below.