Local Business Offers 19 Cent Corona Beer With Any Entree To Boost Business During Coronavirus Hysteria

March 12, 2020

In this tumultuous and unprecedented time when hysteria is at its peak due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, San Diego's Bánh Mì Hội An is trying to boost business by tapping into the zeitgeist of the time and offering a 19 cent Corona beer with any entree order.

Fear of the Coronavirus pandemic is causing a mass frenzy, resulting in people quarantining themselves to their homes. Many businesses are suffering as a result, especially local restaurants. Hoping to drum up more customers, San Diego's Bánh Mì Hội An Vietnamese restaurant in Point Loma is offering a (hopefully) limited time special - a $0.19 cent Corona beer with the order of any entree.

"Not to make light of this very scary situation, but business is extremely slow, especially for Asian-owned restaurants and small businesses," explained Bánh Mì Hội An owner Duy Nguyen. "Being that the virus is called COVID-19, the Coronavirus, which is also affecting the sales of Corona beer, we thought to offer this 19 cent Corona beer special to gain more customers during this difficult time, as well as the sale of a collaterally damaged beer brand."

Opened in the Loma Portal section of San Diego's Point Loma in spring 2018, Bánh Mì Hội is  named after the Vietnamese city where Anthony Bourdain made a show spotlighting the banh mi, which essentially brought the sandwich into global notoriety. Rather than focusing on pho noodle soups like many other area Vietnamese eateries, Bánh Mì Hội An's offerings mainly include banh mi French bread sandwiches, rice & vermicelli lunch boxes, spring & summer rolls, chicken wings, street-food inspired appetizers, salads, and rice & vermicelli entree plates. The restaurant also serves milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and an array of beer & wine.

Bánh Mì Hội An is located at 3145 Rosecrans Street, Suite A, in Point Loma. For more information, visit banhmihoiansd.com.