TBT RePost: Making The World's Best Taco - Perrones From Rosarito's Tacos El Yaqui

March 12, 2020

Located about an hour south of downtown San Diego, Tacos El Yaqui in Rosarito, MX, makes only one kind of taco, but it is our favorite taco in the world. Called a "taco perron", this work of art is made with a fluffy flour tortilla quesadilla, unfolded then filled with marinated wood-fire cooked arrachera (skirt steak) chopped to order in front of you. These Sonoran-style tacos are topped with cooked pinto beans, and if you order it "con todo" as you always should - cilantro, chopped white onion, thin guacamole and salsa are all added. These tacos are then served with a side of roasted jalapeños and radishes. Here is a video showing how to make them at home!