Support These San Diego Farms & Help Small Businesses Stay Afloat During A Difficult Time

April 2, 2020

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute has put together a list of local San Diego farms who are continuing to offer goods during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Choose to support one of these area small businesses while stocking up on essentials.

"The situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) is real and I am sure many of you are feeling the anxiety, stress, and emotions that come with the territory," wrote San Diego Sustainable Living Institute on their website. "In times like these, we realize the importance of decentralized systems. Much like in complex system's ecologies, we can see that when one aspect of society is impacted, it has rippling effects as every other system is connected. We are ecosystems. With farmer's markets closing up, many small farms are losing one of their only avenues for income. That means at the same time people are having trouble finding healthy nutrient rich and immune boosting foods, we are risking losing many businesses."

The following is San Diego Sustainable Living Institute list of area farms that are open and what they are offering:
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