San Diego Juice Crafters Locations To Become Parakeet Juicery

October 4, 2020

The San Diego-based husband-and-wife ownership team behind Juice Crafters and Parakeet Cafe are in the process of rebranding their local Juice Crafters locations to become Parakeet Juicery in order to unify their two brands. 

Husband-and-wife Jonathan Goldwasser and Carol Roizen are La Jolla residents originally from Mexico City where Goldwasser ran an optical business and Roizen was a successful attorney. When their second daughter was born with a rare disease, the couple moved their family to the United States to pursue treatment and began looking toward nutrition changes and seeing positive results for their daughter through a plant-based, organic diet and juicing. In 2014, they launched the first branch of Juice Crafters in San Diego and eventually expanded the juice bar concept to multiple area outposts (Little Italy, La Jolla, Hillcrest, Coronado). All locations offer organic fruit and vegetable smoothies, cold-pressed juices, tonics, cleanses, and acai and fruit bowls. The duo also operates three locations of health-focused Parakeet Cafe with another set to open in downtown Coronado by year's end.  

"After managing both concepts as independent brands, we decided it makes more sense if we marge them both because they complement each other so well, and we absolutely love both places, so we decide to transform Juice Crafters into Parakeet Juicery, where we will be serving the same amazing juices, smoothies and bowls that our costumers love just in a slightly different environment," explained owner Carol Roizen. "As far as the locations go La Jolla, Coronado and One Paseo will remain the same, we are just making a few changes to the visual aspect of the stores, as for Little Italy we are moving inside of Parakeet Little Italy, it was an easy choice to make since they where so close to each other and the space is great to accommodate both."

All local Juice Crafters branches will soon be rebranded to become Parakeet Juicery. The Little Italy location has been transferred to new owners who will be installing a new concept in the space.