Cannabis-Infused Beer Brand Two Roots Brewing Shutters In Ocean Beach

November 1, 2020

After only a little over a year in business, cannabis-infused beer company Two Roots Brewing has permanently shuttered its tasting room in San Diego's Ocean Beach.

In 2019, beverage, technology & brand management company Cannabiniers rebranded the 7-year-old Helm's Brewing Company tasting room in Ocean Beach location to transform it into a tasting room for sister company Two Roots Brewing, a brewery that in 2018 released the world's first cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beer. Cannabiniers purchased Helm's in fall 2017 and shut down the tasting room at the main brewery and continued to operate as Helm's for nearly 2 years.
Two Roots Brewing representatives indicated they closed in Ocean Beach due to the COVID-19 pandemic combined with an expiring lease. Two Roots Brewing remains in business and continues to sell its CBD and THC-infused beverages in San Diego (THC versions are only sold in state and local licensed “legal” dispensaries).

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