Pacific Beach Bars & Restaurants Reportedly Linked To Five Of San Diego's Largest COVID-19 Outbreaks

November 1, 2020

It has been reported that four of the five most serious COVID-19 outbreaks stemming from area restaurants are linked to popular Pacific Beach bars. 

San Diego's ABC 10News cross referenced information in public databases to link five San Diego bars to the most severe area coronavirus restaurant outbreaks resulting in a total of 110 infections, none of which caused death. The Pacific Beach-based restaurants reportedly linked to the outbreaks include Maverick's Beach Club (23 infections), Pacific Beach Shore Club (20 infections), Waterbar (16 infections), and El Prez (24 infections). El Prez was shuttered by county health officials in May after blatant non-compliance of COVID-19-related restrictions. The most serious San Diego restaurant was actually not linked to Pacific Beach, rather it was Little Italy's King & Queen Cantina who has had 27 infections connected to the establishment. 

"As the County of San Diego does not release specific outbreak information, any accusations targeting a specific business, including Mavericks, would be conjecture, only seeking to harm such a business based solely on speculation," commented a representative of Maverick's Beach Club to ABC News 10. "We are truly saddened to see yet another month go by with Small Businesses being placed in a dark light."

SanDiegoVille reporters walked by Maverick's Beach Club on Sunday, November 1, following the report by ABC News, and there was a line down the block to get in during mid-afternoon hours. Waterbar, Pacific Beach Shore Club and El Prez all appeared to be under capacity. 

For more information, read the ABC News 10 article here