San Diego Coffee Shop Owner Receives Online Backlash After Reportedly Attending Washington DC Capitol Insurrection

January 8, 2021

The owner of The Koffie Co. in San Diego's North County is facing online backlash after posting a video on social media, reportedly from outside the January 6 Washington DC capitol insurrection.

"Here we are, steps from the Lincoln Memorial," began The Koffie Co. owner David Chiddick in a video posted to his company's Instagram account on January 6.

The video shows Chiddick as he goes into a nearly 3 minute rant about the bystander effect and his belief in the current need to "run to a fight" and "fix the problem for ourselves." At the time of publishing this post, his video has nearly 35,000 views on The Koffie Co.'s Instagram page. In addition to an array of negative statements as well as many in support of David, commenters on the page are also pointing out that the post preceding the Washington DC video shows three to-go coffee cups suspiciously lined up with the company's "K" logo (see above). Due to the video, The Koffie Co. is receiving negative online comments on its social media and is also being monitored by Yelp's Support team for content related to unusual activity. According to The Koffie Co. website, 37-year-old David Chiddick is an U.S. Navy veteran.

In December 2020, amidst the imposition of the regional stay-at-home order, the outspoken Chiddick publicly announced that The Koffie Co. would remain open despite the restrictions prohibiting onsite dining. At that time, Chiddick detailed his frustration with the state orders in a video posted to his company's Instagram page. Chiddick is also allegedly a pastor C3 Church in San Diego North County. 

The Koffie Co. is located at 348 E Grand Avenue in San Diego's North County community of Escondido. For more information, visit and watch the full video below.