FurnSaj Bakery & Restaurant To Bring Authentic Lebanese Fare To San Diego

February 17, 2021

Opening in the space that last housed a branch of Bay Area chain Paxti's Pizza in San Diego's Hillcrest community is FurnSaj Bakery & Restaurant, a Los Angeles-based Lebanese eatery that specializes in fresh baked goods.  

Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Charlie Succar and his brother Mel opened the original FurnSaj Bakery in a strip mall in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles in late 2013, and the eatery now has several additional locations in the works. Charlie had previously worked in product development at Sara Lee and Nature's Harvest prior to opening his own bakery. The name "FurnSaj" refers to the authentic "furn" oven used to make the thin Middle Eastern flatbread known as "saj", which is the basis for many dishes at the restaurant.

Like the other two locations currently in operation, the San Diego branch of Furn Saj Bakery will serve a menu of Lebanese breads, pizzas, platters and oven-fired flatbread sandwiches with fillings like shawarma and falafel. Diners will be able to see shawarma spits rotate slowly from an open kitchen where falafel patties will also be hand crafted. There will also be a bakery case filled with items like mana'ish vegetable and cheese pies, Kafta hummus pie, and saroukh - a cheese and spice-filled bread. For dessert, expect items like rice pudding, custard, Nutella pizza, and tahini bread topped with sugar.

Furn Saj Bakery & Restaurant is expected to open this summer at 3888 Fourth Avenue in San Diego's Hillcrest community. Based on the success of the first location, more outposts of Furn Saj may open in San Diego in the near future. For more information, visit furnsaj.com.