Grumpy's Meat Pies To Bring A Taste Of New Zealand To San Diego's Pacific Beach

February 11, 2021

The owners of Coastal Eatery in Encinitas are bringing New Zealand-style meat pies to San Diego's Pacific Beach with the impending opening of Grumpy's Meat Pies. 

From longtime friends John Merklinger and Craig Woolard, who opened Coastal Eatery in Encinitas last summer, Grumpy's Meat Pies will open soon within the space that last housed a supplements store next to Calozzi's Cheesesteaks in Pacific Beach. The quaint eatery will offer fast-casual counter service in a beach-style designed space with a large chalkboard wall where patrons can write their favorite "old man sayings". 

"I found out about meat pies 20 years ago, from a family friend, Bert Todd," explained Grumpy's co-founder John Merklinger. "His mom owned a bakery in New Zealand and taught him how to make the pies. He was a professional rugby player and now makes the pies for me. Rugby and meat pies go together very well. Grumpy’s is named after my grandfather, James Standing. Mr. Standing owned the original Grumpy’s in 1938 in Virginia Beach. Mr. Standing had 9 children and his demeanor could be challenging at times. We are trying to bring a delicious food to the beach areas. Meat pies are another choice of a quick to go food, but have healthy ingredient. It is pretty funny but the USA is the only country that doesn’t have some type of meat pie food."

Grumpy's will sell a variety of meat pies, including those packed with steak, chicken, lamb, sausage, curry, breakfast ingredients and vegetables. Pies will be made with mostly organic and hormone-free ingredients. The eatery will also offer coffee, teas, soda, soft drinks, chips, cookies and pastries. 

Grumpy's is expected to open in March at 1148 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach. For more information, follow Grumpy's Meat Pies on Instagram