Angry Pete's To Bring Detroit-Style Pizza To San Diego's Lakeside Community

May 19, 2021

A popular Detroit-style deep-dish pizza concept, Angry Pete's Pizza has announced it will soon begin serving its pizza from inside Little Miss Brewing in San Diego's Lakeside community.

Angry Petes Pizza was founded in 2018 by Michigan-native Pete Harbison. The eatery began as a small pop up, doing events at farmers markets, festivals and beer pairings with some of San Diego's top breweries. Angry Pete's offers a menu of Detroit-style pizza, which is basically a hybrid version of Sicilian style pizza made in square metal pans originally designed for auto parts in the Detroit factories. The pizza is made using a higher hydration level dough, that is much lighter and fluffier than other deep dish pizzas. Another signature of Detroit-style pizza is crispy cheese around the crust. Last June, Angry Pete's opened its first permanent location inside San Diego's Kensington Brewing Company.

"Angry Petes Pizza is excited to announce that we're opening our 2nd full-time location in partnership with our friends at Little Miss Brewing in Lakeside," wrote owner Pete Harbison. "We're soft opening soon with a limited menu featuring our Detroit Style Pizza available by the slice & full pizzas, and plan on building up the menu relatively quickly. We feel like the Lakeside community has been force fed corporate chain food & corporate mass produced beer for too long, and we're happy to offer craft pizza to pair with Little Miss Brewing craft beer soon! We're excited to start our next journey with Little Miss Brewing, and vow to continue using the highest quality ingredients available in order to create amazing craft Detroit Style pizza we can be proud of. Stay tuned for details on our official start date!"

Angry Pete's will offer a rotating menu of pizza and specialty items like Michegan-style "Coney" chili hotdogs. Pizzas will be available for onsite consumption and take-away with suggestions for pairing with Little Miss Brewing's line of craft beers. Customers will also be able to purchase Angry Pete's signature habanero honey.

Angry Pete's Pizza will be located at 12245 Woodside Avenue in San Diego's Lakeside neighborhood. For more information, visit