Maya Moon Collective To Bring All Things Chocolate To San Diego's Normal Heights

June 5, 2021

Maya Moon Collective is a chocolate-fueled cafe and event space set to open this summer in San Diego's Normal Heights community.  

Maya Moon founder Kathryn Rogers was inspired to create a beautiful space for community to gather and enjoy decadent, all natural treats and uplifting events fueled by Theobroma Cacao (aka chocolate), "the food of the Gods". Before launching Maya Moon Co., Rogers ran a farm-to-table catering company in San Diego offering private dinners, tasting events and pop-up dinners. 

Set to open as early as this July, the incoming chocolate cafe will feature a menu of cacao-inspired drinks, pastries, truffles, chocolate bars and savory bites, along with tasting events, meditation experiences and educational workshops. The 1,400 square-foot space will also feature curated plant installations and crystals for sale, along with quarterly art installations by local artists. Maya Moon Collective is currently installing in the 1920s building space that was previously a portion of Lestat's Coffee Shop, which is now permanently closed after over two decades in business. The cafe will have 14' wood ceilings paired with natural lighting, modern aesthetics, and a shared shaded patio with Lestat's. 
"The space was designed by Steffi Reyes-Thomas, founder of Holistic Spaces, and is organized by chakras or energy points," explained Maya Moon Collective owner Kathryn Rogers. "As one moves through the space, they move through the chakras from the crown on Adams Ave., to the root chakra on the back patio. The space has a pulse to it that is both internal and sustained by the lively neighborhood outside. The space was designed with connection in mind and for a community to come together, with high vibrations - and yes, there’s chocolate!"

Maya Moon Collective is located at 3349 Adams Avenue in the heart of San Diego's Normal Heights. For more information, visit