Longtime Tiger! Tiger! Space In San Diego's North Park To Become Sushi & Craft Beer Restaurant

January 10, 2022

Sushi 2 on Broadway in downtown San Diego (formerly Sushi Deli 2) has announced it will be relocating to North Park, taking over the space that housed Tiger! Tiger! for nearly a decade. 

Following a long career as general manager of the San Diego restaurant, Kuniko Holmes took over Sushi Deli 2 on Broadway adjacent to Spreckels Theatre in downtown in early 2012 and rebranded the eatery to become Sushi 2 on Broadway. Since 2019, Holmes has also operated Kaikaze Brewing Company, a productions-exclusive craft brewery that uses Japanese ingredients in its brewing. 

"With a New Year brings some EXCITING NEWS!!! Within a few months, we will be relocating to 30th and El Cajon Boulevard in North Park, where Tiger! Tiger! (who we loved) used to be," wrote Holmes on a social media post announcing the relocation of Sushi 2. "While its going to take a lot of work to open at the new location, we can’t wait! The pandemic has been challenging for everyone in this industry and frankly speaking, downtown San Diego isn’t what it used to be for us. Lunch was a huge part of our business and that part of our operation has not gotten back to anywhere near where it was pre-pandemic (with offices closing and many employees still working remotely). The restaurant industry always has super thin margins, but the costs of running a restaurant downtown are not financially viable for us and the area just doesn’t fit us any longer. We often depended on the nightlife the area brought and the tourism in the summer, a lot of that is now gone. We loved the time we had in the Spreckels building and wish the new ownership the best. We’ve been here 20+ years."

Sushi 2 will take over the 3,637 square-foot unit that housed Tiger! Tiger! from 2011 until the gastropub shuttered in September 2020. It is uncertain whether Sushi 2 will keep the same name or rebrand to something new. Ownership is tinkering with the idea of changing the name and adding new dishes to the menu.  

"This will be a big change, but it’s gonna be a great move for us!," continued Holmes. "We have a lot of space to work with at our new location and are excited to create something special for you! We look forward to you Tiger! Tiger! fans checking us out, as we plan to offer (as always) a ton of local Craft Beer, Sake, Wine and Vegan options! We want you to feel the nostalgia of Tiger! Tiger! at our soon to be new location and make fun new memories with us. A lot is still uncertain with this relentless pandemic, but we aren’t ready to give up yet! So come see us downtown before we move, more info on the exact date when we know (a couple months at least)."

For more information about Sushi 2, visit sushi2sd.com.