Award-Winning Home Brewers To Open Dreamscape Brewing In San Diego's Barrio Logan

February 3, 2022

A pair of award-winning home brewers have taken over the former Iron Fist Brewing tasting room in San Diego's Barrio Logan for the opening of Dreamscape Brewing.

While working at Amazon several years back, Zach Dixon introduced his co-worker Tom Lawrence to home brewing.   At the time, the new friends didn't realize it would be the start of a future business. 

"Zach and I met through work in 2016 and that's when he first introduced me to brewing," explained Dreamscape Brewing co-founder Tom Lawrence. "He'd been brewing the previous 4 years and before you know it, we were both brewing on a weekly basis and have continued for the past 6 years. Since this started as a hobby and quickly transitioned into a passion, we came up with the idea of Dreamscape Brewing to encompass our love for experimenting with different styles, processes, and ingredients. In 2019, we won gold medal in the National Homebrew Competition for our pastry stout which included Coffee, Coconut, and Vanilla. While we don't have commercial brewing experience, we're starting off on the smaller end of the scale. In addition, Zach has a culinary arts background attending culinary school and loves experimenting with different ingredients and adjuncts."

The duo has taken over the 3,000 square-foot taproom with a 3.5 barrel brewhouse previously occupied by now-defunct Iron Fist Brewing within Mercado del Barrio plaza in Barrio Logan. Once completed later this year, the brewery and taproom will produce an array of hop-forward beers like ales, IPAs and lagers, as well as brew traditional German styles like Hefeweizens, Dunkels and Bocks. The team will also leverage Zach's culinary background and training to create culinary-inspired beers that include a variety of adjuncts.

Dreamscape Brewing aims to open by this September at 1985 National Avenue, Suite 1132, in San Diego's Barrio Logan neighborhood. For more information, follow the brewery on Instagram