After A Year In Business, MetlBar Creamery & Cafe Set To Shutter In San Diego's North Park

March 27, 2022

After a year in business, MétlBar Creamery & Cafe has announced plans to shutter in San Diego's North Park. 

In December 2019, the Gaslamp space previously occupied by The Hopping Pig became agave-fueled drinking house and comfort food eatery Métl Bar & Restaurant. San Diego restaurateur Djani Ivanov, who also operates Farmers Bottega in Mission Hills and previously owned Olivetto Cafe & Wine Bar and Aqua Bluem, partnered with with his longtime general manager Jenna Elskamp on the new gastropub and live music venue. For the new project, dubbed Métl in honor of the Aztec term for the agave plant, Elskamp also brought in her husband Randy "Randyman" Elskamp, who was the face of North Park's Cantina Mayahuel for more than 8 years. In March 2021, the Elskamps took control of Ivanov's former Two Blu Ducks space and opened MétlBar Creamery & Cafe, touted as the "Daytime Métl" version of their downtown concept. 

"Anyone who knows us knows how much work opening a bar 3 months before the pandemic and then a year later opening a 100+ seat restaurant has been for us," posted Jenna & Randy Elskamp to the company's Facebook page. "The most important thing we have learned in these last two years is we need to take more time to enjoy life. Thats why we have decided to close our North Park creamery location and put all our focus back into our downtown location. For us this is a positive change and will give us the time to take better care of our physical and mental health, visit our families and friends and have a better work-life balance. When we were given the opportunity to take over a closed brunch spot to expand our boozy ice cream business it seemed too good an offer to pass up. However after much thought on the future we knew this is the right move for us and the Metl Bar brand. So please don’t be sad for us and don’t worry because our staff, brunch favorites and boozy ice cream options will be making their way downtown."

The last day of service for MétlBar Creamery & Cafe will be Sunday, April 3. After that, fans of the brand can continue to get the company's boozy ice cream options at the downtown San Diego location. 

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