The Meatery To Bring Wagyu Butcher Shop To San Diego's Mission Hills

April 20, 2022

Opening later this month in San Diego's Mission Hills neighborhood is The Meatery, a Wagyu beef butcher shop. 

The first location of The Meatery Butcher Shop opened last year in San Diego's Grantville area. The retail and online store specializes in Wagyu beef sourced from Japan, Austrialia and the United States, offering a large variety of meat cuts and complimentary products like oils, sauces, and salts. 

" started during the height of COVID as an e-commerce store that shipped extremely high end beef (primarily Wagyu) to the doorsteps of thousands of Americans that were missing out on great steaks at restaurants," explained The Meatery founder Nicholas Fiorentino. "In August of 2021, I opened our first Butcher Shop in Mission Gorge. This shop is much different than your normal Butcher Shop. Everything is vacuum-sealed, it is extremely clean, and we don't cut any meat at our facility. My customers love the simplicity of the model and it was such an immediate success I have begun expanding, with Mission Hills opening at the end of April and a goal of two more stores by the end of 2022 and many more in the future. I have been self-employed as an Internet Marketing Executive for many years, but this business is especially passionate to me as my family owned slaughterhouses in the Philadelphia area. The Meatery is a great collision of my career strengths and family history. We serve many locally in San Diego and ship to tens of thousands of customers in the USA & Canada yearly."

A new location of The Meatery Butcher Shop will open by month's end in the space that last housed a flower shop on the corner of University Avenue and Goldfinch Street. Expect two butcher cases filled with over 80 types of Japanese, Australian, and American Wagyu, as well as a variety of chicken, USDA beef, pork, veal, seafood and other "everyday" grocery items. 

The Meatery is anticipated to open on April 29 at 902 W University Avenue in San Diego's Mission Hills. For more information, visit