FIRST LOOK: CinKuni To Open In Former Tiger!Tiger! Space In San Diego's North Park This July

July 11, 2022

Sushi 2 on Broadway in downtown San Diego (formerly Sushi Deli 2) has shuttered and will soon reopen as CinKuni in the former Tiger! Tiger! space in North Park.
Following a long career as general manager of the San Diego restaurant, Kuniko Holmes took over Sushi Deli 2 on Broadway adjacent to Spreckels Theatre in downtown in early 2012 and rebranded the eatery to become Sushi 2 on Broadway. Since 2019, Holmes has also operated Kaikaze Brewing Company, a productions-exclusive craft brewery that uses Japanese ingredients in its brewing. In the beginning of this year, citing ongoing issues with downtown San Diego as the reason, Holmes took over the 3,637 square-foot North Park space occupied by Tiger! Tiger! for nearly a decade to relocate her restaurant.

Sushi 2 will soon shutter on Broadway in downtown San diego and re-open in the former Tiger! Tiger! space as early as July 28 with the new name CinKuni. Expect a Japanese-meets-Italian menu from Executive Chef Cinzia Zolfanelli in the "Wafu" fusion style popular in Japan where Italian pasta plates are seasoned with Japanese sauces and ingredients. Dishes will include a lengthy list of sushi rolls, ramen, pasta, pizza, and other global fusion dishes, as well as global fusion items like focaccia with a melted candle butter of miso and rosemary; vegan pasta; fried calamari and artichokes; and more. There will also be a large variety of craft beer and other hard beverages, wine, and sake.  

CinKuni is expected to open by the end of July at 3025 El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit and check out the menu and photos below.