Pizza Vending Machine Company PizzaForno Coming To San Diego

September 10, 2022

Fully automated pizza vending machine company PizzaForno will soon launch multiple units around San Diego County.

Founded in 2018 by Canadian entrepreneurs William Moyer and Les Tomlin, PizzaForno is one of North America’s only automated pizzeria. The company's fully-automated kiosks take up approximately 60 square-feet and make 12" Neapolitan-style pizzas in approximately three minutes. Each unit can hold up to 70 frozen pre-boxed pizzas made fresh in the U.S. and replenished frequently. 

Utilizing technology made popular in France by company ADIAL, Canada-based PizzaForno exclusively owns all North American distribution rights for the technology. The brand is rapidly growing throughout North America backed by a landmark partnership with one of the leading food service providers, Aramark. The first U.S. locations of PizzaForno were established in Michigan and the company has another 100 machines slated to install throughout Houston, New Orleans and San Diego. 

"As we continue to receive an influx of qualified licensee partners for U.S. development, it was a natural next step to plan for a U.S. HQ in San Diego, so interested candidates can see a working unit for themselves, if they didn't want to make the trip to our global HQ in Toronto or visit the growing units throughout Michigan," said Les Tomlin, co-founder and president of PizzaForno. "There is endless growth potential throughout the U.S. and we're on track to see units launch in California, Louisiana and some additional southern states this year."  

It is anticipated that the first San Diego PizzaForno units could be up and running by years end, with up to 50 total units planned for the county by local licensee Jaco Duayhe. There is no word yet on where the initial machines will be located, but expect the 24-hour machines to be sited all around San Diego County in the coming year in places like airports, shopping malls, college campuses, hospitals, and more. PizzaForno makes signature pizza flavors like pepperoni, barbecue chicken, honey & goat cheese, meat lovers, Hawaiian, four cheese blend, vegetarian, and even cold pizzas that can be baked at home. 

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